The Courthouse is Booked Up!

No worries! I’m here to help!

I have lots of availability, and that includes weekends as well as weekdays, to make your marriage legal. Whether you want a short & sweet ceremony in my lovely little office and license signing for just the two of you (or up to four additional guests), or you want me to meet you somewhere (such as your house, a park, a restaurant, or a full on wedding venue), I’m here to help!

Schedule a quick wedding in my office right from my website, here!

Or contact me to discuss your needs. I’m often available on short notice, and LOVE officiating weddings!

Meet Rev. Evan!

I’m happy to announce that my husband, Evan Langholt, is now licensed and available to offer Short & Sweet wedding ceremonies at locations in Maryland and Washington, DC!

If I’m already booked, or you wish to book a male officiant who is warm, and is expertly trained (by me!) to conduct your ceremony smoothly, now you can request Evan as your officiant.

Evan is a supporting officiant, available on evenings and weekends.

Contact us with questions or to request a Zoom meeting to meet Evan and decide if you’d like to book his services.


Alert! Misspellings on wedding licenses!

Heads up, couples getting married…I’ve had two couples in the past month find misspellings on their wedding license. I cannot sign a license if your name is spelled wrong. If I do, and the marriage certificate is processed with your name spelled incorrectly, it can’t be used as a legal document. Plus, it will cost you big bucks to have the court correct it afterward.

PRO TIP: check your license when you get it! The court will fix it for free before it’s been signed.

Amazing Connections

Yesterday, I spent the day at WeddingWire World DC, an expo for wedding professionals of all types, to learn about trends, how to be more professional, more effective at marketing, and an opportunity for networking with other professionals. It was a really great event. I learned a lot, and enjoyed meeting many others.

At the end of the day, there was music, food, and the chance to mingle and talk with people. There were about 1,000 attendees total, so it was a big event.

Anyway, here’s the highlight of the day for me: right towards the end of the day, the DJ called everyone to the dance floor to take a massive selfie. I was way in the back, and knew I wouldn’t be seen, but not a biggie. I decided to say hello to the person standing next to me, who I didn’t know, but saw that he was a photographer. I tapped him on the shoulder.

He looked at me with delight and recognition. “Hey!” he said, “You officiated Brock and Sandy’s wedding!” This wedding was around two years ago.

“Oh, yes, I did!” I said in surprise.

“You were so great!” he enthused!

I was amazed he remembered! He told me about several details he remembered from the ceremony, and even recalled that I had given Reiki healing to one of the bridesmaids before the ceremony.

Then, he took out his business card. An entire side of his card was a gorgeous picture of Sandy and Brock. I opened my website on my phone. In the center of the top header, is a picture of Brock, Sandy, and me… that he took.

His name is Ben Hill. Check him out at

Obviously, we were supposed to connect again!